Rules for the campaign

Rules and structure

1. State your intentions before you roll. Don’t continually roll the dice until you get a good roll and then tell me that you are doing X. Failing to adhere to this rule will result in a re-roll, or if i’m in a bad mood an auto 1.

2. Never say “my character talks to the inn keeper about getting a room”. Instead say “I walk up to the inn keeper and ask ‘Do you have any spare rooms tonight good sir’” or something along those lines. Speak in first person.

3. Don’t strategize out of character. You wouldn’t be able to coordinate a plan if you and your buddies were in a combat situation without talking to each other. Furthermore you couldn’t do it without the possibility of your enemy overhearing you. That said, feel free to talk in character. You could even talk to your friends in Elven in hopes that your enemy can’t understand.

4. You’ll find that activities like meta-game thinking won’t go unpunished. Good roll playing on the other hand can get you bonus experience points.

5. Annoying the DM is discouraged. This should go without saying, but I will make things miserable for you if you fail to adhere to this rule.

6. It’s a good idea to talk in an accent when speaking in character, as it helps distinguish between in and out of game speech. Any type works, but keep it consistent, or at least change it slowly.

Rules for the campaign

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