Welcome to The Black Legion Campaign

Welcome to the Black Legion home Page. As the title suggests, This campaign will deal with a conspiracy set in the Eberron Campaign setting. The history of Eberron is almost the same with a few discrete changes. These can only be reveled along the story line… after all it is a conspiracy.

The Feel

The Black Legion was inspired by many different moves among them, but the most notable is the first Deus Ex. Many figures throughout the story of both this campaign and Deus Ex have hidden motives, agendas, and secrete assets at their disposal. The players should be prepared to be deeply immersed in a complex story that unfolds at an agonizingly slow pace. Hard choices will have to be made, and they will affect the campaign.


It is recommended that you look at the wiki Main Page
It would also serve you well to look at the Rules for the campaign least they cost you a perfectly legitimate roll (or thwart your attempt at cheating)

The Black Legion

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